Monday , September 11th , 2017 : Second Day of School


It’s 3:50 AM right ( I have been up since 2:20 AM ) and I can’t fall back to sleep .

I was so exhausted yesterday that I decided to skip dinner and just take a shower and sleep but instead , I fell asleep while reading at 8 PM . My sleeping cycle is still messed up from the summer break but hopefully it will be fixed by this week .

I have been trying to read so I would go back to sleep but it doesn’t seem to work . I just decided to write this blog entry and research some stuff before I actually take a shower and get ready for school .


It’s 9:40 PM right now and I’m trying to finish all of my assignments . I accidentally took a nap and woke up at 8:30 …. I then had dinner and went straight ahead in solving my homework . I’m almost done and once I finish , I’ll take a shower and go straight to bed .

My day has been a bit uneventful so far . I found out in chemistry class that they merged both classes in one class ( in my school , there are two sections ; G+H and usually we’re separated in different classes ) . I freaked out a bit since it’s now more crowded and it’s very nerve-wrecking to answer out loud . I’ll try to be more confident though ! I also need to prepare for my subjects ahead of time which will be a bit difficult at first since I’ve never done this …

Also ! I’m trying to self-dispiline myself more nowadays . Taking a nap was a mistake and I’ll try not to do it again . I also just passed by the refrigerator and was about to grab a chocolate bar but I decided not to since I didn’t do anything to deserve it .

That’s really all I have to say tonight ! I’ll hopefully have something more interesting to say tomorrow ~ Goodnight for now



Talk to you soon !




My first day as a senior


So here I am at 5:40 , and surprisingly enough , I’m not nervous ? I’ve been a nervous reck yesterday at night , checking my bag and uniform over and over again !


I’ll start getting ready at 5:55 and leave exactly at 7:00 ( it really depends on my siblings ; sometimes they end up making me leave late lmao ) . I’ll eat breakfast first ( which will probably be fruits ) and start getting ready . I’ll then have some time to read and relax a bit before I actually leave .

I was thinking earlier ; Why am I exactly nervous ? Is it  because it has been so long or that I’m afraid of being judged ? I know I’m faking confidence but I’ve been doing it for so long that I kind of don’t have to act anymore . I know people will judge but that’s what people do all the time .

I’ll be meeting my friends and teachers  and this will be my last time it will be my first day in school ! – thats enough reason to be excited , right ? I’ll also be studying by butt off this year which is exciting ~ ( I was actually not sarcastic )


So I just came back . It’s 3:30 right now (  I cam back at 3:00 but I changed my uniform , washed my hands , etc …. )

Today was great ! I met a lot of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while and I got to meet my new teachers . The new changes in the school did bother me slightly since its my last  year but I’m quick to adapt to new situations so I’m all good .

My main problem was my sweating issue . I have hyperhidrosis and its really annoying & embarrassing at times . I kept worrying about it all day and I tried to hide my armpit sweat stains … It was really embarrassing . I’m trying to get over it though !

I started studying at 5:30 and I finished at 6:30 . I’m now just getting my friend’s gift ready and my uniform for tomorrow . Now that I’m reflecting on today , it was a good day . Sure sweating really made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable but I’m slowly trying to get rid of this problem .

I’ll try to sleep early tonight since I’m exhausted , so probably 10 ? I’ll just take a long hot shower , wear my comfy pjs , and then read a bit before heading to bed .


I’m really excited to see what this year has for me . I know I’ll go through a lot of uncomfortable and tough situations but I know I’ll be okay .

Oh ! I just remembered . I’ll be graduating on April !! I just heard the news today and I was ecstatic ! I’ll try to write about my school days every now and then !


Talk to you soon ! 




Advice to High School Juniors

Well here I am , at 12 am , stressing about the exams that I need to take in the following month . You might be wondering , ” You have plenty of time to study , right ? ” . The thing is I do have plenty of time , but considering the fact that this is my last year in high school and I’ll have other responsibilities such as my weekly tests , projects , midterms , and daily assignments , I’ll barely have time to study for my SAT and my other standardized tests

God just thinking about the pile of work I’ll have to complete and the pile of books I’ll need to study makes me want to cry ;-;


So I decided to come up with a list of advice that’s hopefully going to help you if you’re a Junior in High School

  • Take you SATs and other standardized tests !! I can’t stress this enough . I did not know that we had to take the test to get accepted into a college until last year and even then , I decided to leave it for later – and look at me right now ! I’m a complete mess . Please just take it as soon as you can so you won’t have to worry about it in your senior year .


  •  Dont slack off . I know that this is going to be tough , especially if you’re used to not working all the time but you need to make it a habit to work hard . You can’t go back to your sophomore year and change your habits but you still have time in your junior year . I know a lot of people who slack off , and they all decided to work seriously in their last year , but I assure you , it’s going to be really tough if you’re not accustomed to working hard . YOU NEED TO MAKE IT A HABIT ASAP .


  • Try and avoid junk food and take care of your health . It’s ok to run on 5 cups of coffee and to be deprived of sleep for 3 continuous days on some days but don’t make it a habit . I know it might not sound important but trust me , you’ll regret it when you come up with a fever and skip a few days of school . YOU’LL MISS ALOT . And i know , you might get notes from your friends but its not the same as going to school and writing your own . Once you miss one day , you’ll be so stressed about following up with your classmates and preparing for your next classes . The stress will never end and then you’ll get sick again and skip more days and – you get what I mean ? It’s like a never ending domino . I skipped a lot of days last year because of stress and because I skipped school , I became more stressed .


  •  FOCUS in class . Stop listening to your friend’s endless talking , shoo away the spirit of Picasso when you feel like doodling/drawing , and most importantly , don’t DITCH class . Every thing the teacher says is important . Besides , the teacher will like you more if you seem interested in what they’re saying .


  • NEVER cram all of your subjects the night before your exam . People always told me this and I’d be al YOLO until I start making countless cups of coffee and curse at my stupidity as I stare at the amount of stuff I need to study and finish in 7 hours . I know teacher would tell us to study everyday and I never did that ( I don’t think I can ) but once you know the date of your exam , start studying ahead . Think of it this way : you can finish 3 pages in a day and then treat yourself to a large box of pizza for example and just do this until the night of your exam and all you need to do is just revise ( obviously don’t treat yourself every day to pizza . That’s not good for your health and quite pricey )


  •  ASK if you don’t understand something that’s being taught . I’ve had problems with this one especially since I used to be too shy and I couldn’t suck up my pride . Your pride will do you no good when you get a question you don’t get in the exam . Also stop giving a damn about people who make fun of you when you ask questions . You’ll be laughing at them when you get a 100% on your next exam ( actually don’t do that , that’d be really obnoxious ) .


Most importantly , Dont stess out too much ( WHY DONT I FOLLOW MY OWN ADVISE ) . Stop caring too much about your grades . Lighten up a little and go out with your friends every now and then . I know I used to be too serious with my studies that I’d ditch my friends and go study or I’d not talk to them because I was scared they’d distract me . Please don’t do that . It’s great to be serious about school and all but sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy life , you know . One failing grade never killed anyone . There are times for fun and times to be serious .

I know I’ll have more advise to give in the future , but for now , this is all I have . I really wish you all the best . Have a productive and fun year ! YOU CAN DO IT





School is starting soon ( Senior Year )

Ahh…How long have I been waiting to say this … One year left and I’ll finally graduate . I actually feel quite bitter about this . I won’t be able to see my classmates every day and I’ll surely miss my teachers ( well some of them lmao )


Anyways , since this will be my last year in high school , Iwant it to be different from the previous years . I’d like to try new things , meet new people , and attempt to go out of my comfort zone .

One of the things that I did to go out of my comfort zone is starting this blog ! I think this blog will really help me out during my senior year . Sometimes I feel depressed because I want to rant and talk but I don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to people so I think using this blog as a way of expressing myself will be great . I don’t know if people are willing to read my blog and join me in this journey but that would be wonderful ! Maybe after a while , once I gain enough confidence , I might actually start a vlogging channel ! For now , I’ll stick with my blog and instagram .

Now about my senior year . I haven’t sat down and wrote all of my goals yet , however , I do have few in mind :

#1 My plan is to get 99% on my report card . Is it impossible ? not really but it will be really tough . I’ll have to study a lot .I got 96% last year even though I sucked at the exams so I don’t think I’ll have to sacrifice my soul to the devil to get 99% . I’ll have to make other sacrifices though – I won’t have more time to watch anime & drama and I’ll need to read less books , but this is a sacrifice that I’m willing to make .

#2 Improve my relationship with my friends . Last year has been a horrible year . I haven’t ended any relationship but my mood swings have been really bad . I’ve been really moody and depressed and it kind of affected one of my friends . I’m actually surprised she’s still willing to be my friend . I will try to keep my mood swings under control . I’d also like to be more open with my friends . I want to laugh more and go out with them especially since it will be our last year together so I want it to be an unforgettable one .

#3 Be more confident . I can’t stress how much this has been affecting me . I’m never confident enough in my skills enough . I don’t know if this has to do confidence too but I never do well under pressure . I also cannever act properly when people are watching . I would stutter and make a fool out of myself . I want to be more confident and stop caring for what others have to say about me .

#4 Treat my parents and siblings properly . This also has to do with my mood swings . I want to be more kind and learn how to love properly . I don’t want to leash out on them whenever I’m angry . I want to make them smile more often and maybe help out around the house whenever I can .

#5 Smile and love more . This is actually my main issue . Most of the time , I have no idea who I am or how I should act . I would act in a certain way and then I’d ask if that was really my personality . I want to stop overthinking and just learn how to smile and love people more . I want to be able to forgive people and forget all of my issues .

As you can tell , I have a lot of goals for this year . I really hope I can achieve them and I am slowly working on them ! Like I previously mentioned , I would be writing my journey here and it would be really nice for people to join me ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ )







Hello everyone !

It’s a pleasure meeting you all . My name is Meru ( not my real name but I’d like to be called by this name ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ ) )

To be completely honest , I have always wanted to start a blog / youtube channel but I’ve never had the courage to start either one of those . Starting a youtube channel is a huge commitment and I’m not sure I’ll be able to upload frequently .

I’ve had a few blogs ( one of the blogs was actually for an English project ! The other was for book reviews , however , I started posting book reviews in Goodreads so I felt that there was no need for the website . )

I’m still not sure what this website’s content will be . I’m not planning on posting book reviews here because I already have Goodreads but here’s what I might upload in my blog :

  1. Monthly book reads and Ratings
  2. Studying Tips
  3. About Japan / the Japanese language
  4. My journey from High School to Med School ( I’ll be a senior once school starts which is in a month or so !! I’d love to document my journey during the school year , what university I’m going to , whether I get accepted or not , etc …
  5. Perhaps some ranting as well xD

I really hope you’ll enjoy what I’m going to post and I’m always open to suggestions . I might , in the future , upload videos if I ever feel courageous enough !